What Are The 3 Top Fun Android Apps?

What Are The 3 Top Fun Android Apps?

What Are The 3 Top Fun Android Apps?

An android app is a crypto web design software application that runs on an Android platform.  An Android platform is solely built for mobile devices that are typically designed only for android.  This device could be a smartphone or a tablet, PC running the Android operating system. An android app is developed by professional and trained developers who specialize in developing mobile apps. These android apps are basically the mobile version of the websites and are uploaded and published on the Android market.  

This Android market is an online store that is dedicated solely for android apps.  This store offers apps that are paid and free for all the android users. These android apps are written in a computer language called Java programming.  It uses all the core concepts of Java so that they can work on a virtual machine. 

These app developers work on the android software development kit from android websites to design and create apps.  This software includes all the tools, sample codes, documents, and guidelines on how to create android apps.  Even people who are new to creating apps and are amateur can use this software to create apps and play around with the android programming system.   

What are some of the most fun android apps?


WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and it is one of the most popular apps on the android play store.  This is the world’s most famous app that is used for instant messaging, calling and photo sharing. WhatsApp is a free service app that allows the users to message one and another by using mobile phones and computer devices. This app uses an enhanced and advanced privacy feature that safeguards the interests of its users.  It also features international free calling and video calling.  


Instagram is a free photo-sharing application that allows users to put up their personal and impersonal pictures. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012. It also enables people to edit and upload pictures and use hashtags. One can even put location on their posts to share where they are at. It allows people to follow and like the pictures of their favorite celebrities and friends. The photos and posts appear on the feed of the followers and can be viewed. This is a fun app for people who love photography and loves to share their experiences with friends and family. It is also a great platform to promote business and market brands and also for paid sponsorships. 


Snapchat is a mobile app for android devices. It is another photo and video sharing app. One can directly or public share their snaps with their friends and the public. This app was designed for a more natural flow of interaction. It is a fun app that has a wide variety of cool filters.

There are millions of apps on the android play store.  There is an app for every purpose and use for android users to meet their expectations.

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